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How do I join the COMMUNITY?

How do I Join OmniPixel Gaming’s community? Simply head on over to our Discord Read and Accept our community rules and make a post in #all-chat. We recommend just starting with a simple hello!

What games does OmniPixel Gaming currently support?

Currently we support and have active presences in the following games:
+ Star Citizen
+ Destiny 2
+ Elder Scrolls Online
+ Final Fantasy 14
+ Monster Hunter
+ Valorant
+ Escape from Tarkov
+ More being added everyday!

If i have an issue who do i contact?

If you have an issue please contact via Direct Message any of the following in our community Discord.

how do i become a community content creator?

To join our community content creation group its very simple!

  • Be active on one of the following platforms:
    • Twitch.TV
    • YouTube
    • TikTok
  • Make sure you are sharing your content in our community Discord in the #content-promotion channel!
  • Visit #omnipixel-ssp channel on Discord and fill out an application!